Photo Gallery 2012

Here are some photos taken by Mike Cope for the 2012 Kenosha festival of Cartooning - these pics and many more are also posted on the festival facebook page.

In chronological order - here we go:

Day 1 Signing stuff for backers:

Festival Director Anne Morse Hambrock and Stephan Pastis confer over backer books....

Stephan Pastis signs a program book

Norm Feuti signs a program book

Signings go better with beer....

Hilary Price and Greg Cravens hard at work signing posters...

Day 2 - WGTD Radio Interview:

Greg Cravens (looks like he's up to something, doesn't it....)

Hilary Price reacts to one of her fellow cartoonists during the radio interview

A view of the studio from the lobby....

Stephan Pastis at the mic

Professor Michael Jantze 

Hilary Price amidst a barrage of microphones

Norm Feuti and Dave Coverly

WGTD host Greg Berg

Who let this guy in?

Norm, Dave and Hilary share a laugh

Outside the studio Anne Morse Hambrock and Tom Racine are hard at work planning upcoming panel discussions

Day 2 - Stephan Pastis Presents at Carthage College

Professor Paul Chilsen and Stephan Pastis discuss the new Pearls Before Swine app at a class for digital media students

Stephan Pastis contemplates a question about his app

Day 2 - Panel Discussion at Carthage College

Stephan Pastis at the afternoon panel at Carthage

Norm Feuti and Dave Coverly at the afternoon panel at Carthage

Dave Coverly answers an audience question

Hilary Price at the afternoon panel at Carthage

All 4 panelists

Carthage students at the panel discussion

Carthage students getting drawings after the panel

Hilary Price draws for a fan after the panel

Day 2 - Dave Coverly Presents:

Dave Coverly talks about his work

Audience members include NVS president Tom Richmond and NCSF president Rick Stromoski

An audience member reacts to a Speed Bump Cartoon

Dave Coverly meets Kenosha cartoonist emeritas Palmer Martino

Day 2 - Michael Jantze presents:

Michael Jantze begins his presentation

Cartoonist Stacy Curtis enjoys the presentation

Fans line up for sketches and autographs following the program

Day 3 - High School Assembly:

600+ kids attend the assembly at Indian Trail High School

John Hambrock answers a question 

Cartoonists drawing on their name cards

An editorial comment from Greg Cravens

A student becomes the subject of a caricature contest between Greg Cravens and John Hambrock

Another caricature contest - Greg Cravens and Michael Jantze draw two ITA art teachers

A gag cartoon smackdown - Greg Cravens seems to think his team won....

Students rush the stage for drawings and autographs

Dave Coverly surrounded by fans

Hilary Price and an excited fan

A Dave Coverly dog for a student

Norm Feuti draws Gil for a fan

Hilary hard at work drawing for the students

John Hambrock draws Joules for a fan

Rick Stromoski drawing for the students

Stephan Pastis drawing for students

Proud sketch recipients:

A Jantze Batman

Day 3 - Greg Cravens Presents:

Greg Cravens begins his presentation

Greg's process....

The crowd enjoys Greg's talk

Another Greg Cravens fan

Day 3 - Hilary Price Presents:

Hilary speaking to her audience

Fans react to Hilary's Cartoons
Hilary Price has just admitted she accidentally licked the microphone

A fan reacts to Hilary's admission about the microphone...
Festival director and daughter

Day 4 - Classes for Kids at the Kenosha Public Museum:

Mike Cope takes a turn with the class

Mike Cope explains one of the finer points about cartooning..

Dave Coverly - "these kids are great!"

Greg Cravens and John Hambrock confer during their class....

Day 4 - Artists Draw for the Public in the Artist's Studio at the Kenosha Public Museum:

Rick Stromoski draws for a young fan

This little guy is thrilled with his Stromoski drawing!

Michael Jantze and Rick Stromoski in the artist's studio

Michael Jantze and Rick Stromoski in the artist's studio with fans

Day 4 - Panel Discussion at the Kenosha Public Museum:

Hilary Price, Norm Feuti and Phil Hands

Dave Coverly and Greg Cravens

Moderator Tom Racine does his "little teapot" impersonation while asking the cartoonists a question about cartooning

Phil Hands

We meet Rachel Klees Anderson the Gallery Director for the Kenosha Public Museum

Rachel presents the cartoonists with the panels she made for them...

Phil Hands gets a chuckle from John Hambrock

Norm Feuti must have said something really serious......

Moderator Tom Racine

Day 4 - Norm Feuti Presents:

Norm Feuti at the Lectern 

A "Gil" Strip

Young fans of Norm Feuti

This fan drove from Missouri to hear Norm...

Norm reacts to a comment from the audience...

Day 4 - Stephan Pastis Presents:

Stephan Pastis turns his cap to "get into character"

Pearls fans at Stephan Pastis's presentation

A packed house....

The audience is having a great time....

Day 4 - Gallery Show "More Than Funny" at the Kenosha Public Museum:

A young fan admires the original art from "The Buckets"

An original "Baby Blues"

Fans admiring original "Speed Bump" cartoons

Phil Hands admires the show...

Day 4 - Drawing on the Chair For The Auction:

John Hambrock draws on the chair that will go up for auction

A closer look at the Hambrock drawing as well as Norm Feuti's "Gil"

Mike Cope draws on the auction chair...

A close up of Mike's drawing as well as those of Stephan Pastis and Michael Jantze

MAD magazine artist (and former KFOC speaker) Tom Richmond adds Alfred E. Neuman to the chair

The final chair ready for auction

Day 4 - The Charity Auction!:

Fans line up for the auction and booksigning
Festival Director Anne Morse Hambrock goes over the cashier procedure with a volunteer

Stephan Pastis with the volunteer who will help him at the book signing

Greg Cravens - again he looks like he's up to no good.....

Tom Racine interviews Stephan Pastis for the festival auction video

Some of the comic art up for auction...

A patron contemplates her bid....

View of the auction from the mezzanine

Dave Coverly, Greg Cravens and former KFOC guest Scott Stantis with his lovely wife Janien

Greg Cravens, animator Kelly McNutt, and Norm Feuti chill at the auction

A fancy donation box....

Dave Coverly and NCSF president (and auction chairman) Rick Stromoski

MAD magazine's Tom Richmond with a collector

Tom Racine interviews John Hambrock for the festival auction video

Norm Feuti draws for a fan
Tom Racine interviews Norm Feuti for the festival auction video

The high bid for the night - $2500!!

General "Good Time"  photos from the festival:


Hilary Price goes a little "gansta" on us at dinner on Friday
Festival founder and director Anne Morse Hambrock in a lighter moment....

John Hambrock and Michael Jantze ham it up with a couple of festival volunteers..

Cartoon books for sale at the Kenosha Public Museum
A fan reads his newly acquired "Pearls Before Swine" Treasury

Michael Jantze and Stephan Pastis share a laugh....

For photos of some of the art that went up for auction, click here.

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