Kenosha Festival Of Cartooning 2016 A Resounding Success!!

We close the book on KFOC 2016 with another successful festival!

Folks came from miles around to meet our terrific line up of guest speakers and a great time was had by all.

Over the next week or two we will take care of some post-festival details including the following:

Photo gallery for KFOC 2016 - we will be posting an official gallery of photos here on the website but, if you just can't wait, check them out on our Facebook page. (If you haven't "liked" the Kenosha Festival Of Cartooning page be sure to remedy that ASAP!) A big thanks to Mike Cope who once again took about 2000 great pictures of the event and then took the time to whittle that down to a more manageable number!

Audio archive - Thank you again to Greg Berg of the WGTD Morning Show and Kenosha's NPR affiliate for another great interview with the cartoonists. We will be posting a link here in the sidebar and, again, it's already up on the FB page.

Backer rewards - If you made a donation to this year's festival your programs, coins and posters will be on their way to you soon! Thank you for the support!

Huge Thank You's are in order and that we can take care of right now:

Thank you to all our sponsors and community partners:

Universal UClick 
The National Cartoonists Society Foundation 
The Kenosha Public Museum
UW Parkside
The Kenosha News
The Kenosha Community Foundation
Frank's Diner
Andrea's Gifts
TG's Restaurant and Grill

Unbelievable thank you to Tom Racine and Mike Cope for assistance with presentations, school outreach, AV issues of any kind, photography, the kids cartooning class and generally having our back for anything and everything!

Thank you to the artists for taking 5 whole days out of their busy schedules to draw nonstop, give multiple presentations, teach cartooning and interact with fans.

Thank you to everyone who provided art to the gallery shows - most especially George Hagenauer, Rob Stolzer and Richard Pietrzyk who made their collections of comic art by women cartoonists available to us.

Thank you to everyone who worked on the gallery shows - especially Rachel Klees Anderson, Gina Radandt, Amanda Brown and Glen Larson.

Thanks to all the Kenosha News staff who gave us so many terrific articles and coverage of the event.

Thank you to Nancy Matthews and Chris Schlater of the Kenosha Public Museum for their assistance and support with presentations and book sales.

Thank you to Karen Sorensen and Lesley Heins Walker of UW Parkside for their assistance and support with the Thursday night panel discussion and sponsorship of the UWP gallery reception.

Thank you to Mike Schroeder, Scott Plank and Christine O'Regan of the Kenosha Unified School District for their assistance and support with the school visits by the cartoonists.

Thank you to John Glynn of Universal UCLick for overall support and specific sponsorship of the Friday night Drink and Doodle reception.

Thank you to Mike Peterson of Comic Strip Of The Day who, despite the fact that he could not join us this year, still managed to post links and updates to our goings on - some from a hospital room.

Thank you to Danielle Geary and Diane Levesque of Carthage College for assisting in making our artists available to Carthage students.

Thank you to TG's, Frank's, Andrea's and Marsha Caporaso for feeding the cartoonists.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to host cartoonists in their home when it looked as though our hotel rooms would not be available.

Thank you to the Kenosha Community Foundation for acting as our non-profit fiscal agent.

Thank you to the Copy Center and Proform Technologies for all our printing needs.

Thank you to Meridith Jumisko and Deanna Goodwin of the Kenosha Area Visitor's Bureau for all their help promoting this event, both within Kenosha and to the greater tri-state area.

Thank you to all the other cartoonists - some from 3 states away - who hopped in their cars and came to join us in all the fun!

Finally thank you to the following donors:
Patricia Petretti
Kevin Wolf and Mary Gau
Frances Hybert
Tyrone Payton
Jeff Keane
Jeff Sheppard
Jerome and Joan Quets
Paul Merklein
Mark Anderson
Al Rozanski
Jeff Knurek
Jeff Weinfurter
Tom Clark
Timothy Hanna
Rex Garnett
Jerald Grimson
John and Nancy Morse
Mike Peterson
Ann Andrea
Bob Krohmer
Jose Villena Rodriguez
David Tomaselli
Greg Cravens
Bruce Quast
Michael Hilliger
Tom Stemmle
Sandra Bell Lundy
Richard Pietrzyk
Ellen Abramowitz
Andrew and Tess Carlson
Marybeth Zuhlke
Schlax Christionsen & Lee
Diane Hilbrink

If we have forgotten anyone please contact us at and we will remedy the situation!

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