Festival Testimonial: Stephan Pastis

Have you been to Kenosha? 

I've been to Kenosha.

Here's what I learned about Kenosha. They have a bar every 25 feet.


When Kenosha Festival of Cartooning organizer Anne Morse Hambrock cajoled me to visit Kenosha and be a speaker there in 2012 she baited the hook with that magical phrase, "Wisconsin is the beer capitol of the USA and Kenosha has bars every 25 feet."

I thought she was kidding. But, sure enough, as we drove into Kenosha there really did seem to be about 3 bars per block. Within a block of my hotel there were 7 bars alone.

That would have been enough for me to spend three days there even without a cartooning festival. 

The festival itself was great. My fellow cartoonists and I all presented to packed audiences including a massive high school assembly where we were treated like rock stars. Literally. We entered the stage to the tune "Back in Black" by AC DC pumped out at high volume to an auditorium full of screaming kids.

The festival is gearing up for 2014 - September 25th-27 and they have another top notch group of cartoonists scheduled to speak - including this guy who I hear does some sort of family themed comic:

But they need your help with their Indiegogo campaign to fund the events and also keep everything free and open to the public. Click on the link, watch the video by my buddy Tom Racine, (watch for me, I'm in there, you guessed it, with a beer) and help them reach their goal!

Note from the festival director - the above photo is, of course, Jeff Keane of "Family Circus" - that photo was taken on a military helicopter when Jeff and Stephan visited troops in Afghanistan with the USO "Cartooning For The Troops"

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  1. Actually rumor has it that is how Bill dresses when he cartoons too ... I'm sure it's just a rumor though ...